Taxation Services

Our Taxation Services

Jill will be your point of contact and will help you understand your taxes.  Jill completes all the returns personally ensuring you get the highest level of advice at all times.

Personal tax

By using us, you will be working directly with Jill.  Her wealth of experience means you will be getting the best advice.  Jill does not outsource work, but sometimes does use the advice of specialists.  If this is the case you will be informed of this.

Jill’s approach is to be as straight forward as possible and to ensure you understand your taxes before you sign anything to be filed with HMRC.

Corporate Tax

Jills approach to limited company work is to ensure you are using the latest book-keeping software and to ensure you are able to file your returns the most efficient and timely way for you.

EBS are partners with Freeagent and Xero, which enables us to use these software providers directly to file your accounts and tax.  This means less time number crunching and more time giving you the best advice.

Other tax areas we can help with

Capital Gains Tax Reporting

If you sell a business or a second property you will need to report the gain to HMRC.  Jill will be able to guide you through this process and ensure that all returns are done in a timely basis.  Jill will also ensure you claim the expenses you are entitled to.

Research and Development

We do not complete R and D reports but are able to assist in the filing of these to HMRC if necessary. 

Exit planning

Jill is able to give advice on the best way to sell or retire.  There are many options to consider when you do this and getting good advice before you make a final decision is vital.

Voluntary liquidations

Jill is able to give advice as to if the above if tax advisable to yourselves and if you have funds that are less than the threshold Jill can guide you though this process and ensure that you save money on your tax bill.