If your ecommerce business has now grown beyond a hobby and become your day-to-day job, then we need to talk. Time is no longer your friend, and wouldn’t it be much easier if you could automate and integrate as much as possible your purchasing, stock, shopping cart and accounts software? After all who has the time to manually input data or do a manual data import once a day or week between different systems?

This is where we come in.

We specialise in working with ecommerce companies with a turnover of £150k to £5m. We know your margins are tiny and it sometimes feels like you are a hamster on a treadmill. We can get you off that treadmill and help you build that retail empire that will keep you and your family for generations to come comfortably well off.

Unlike many traditional accountants we will:

  • Help you manage your cash flow – never worry again whether you can really afford to buy big on the next biggest thing for your marketplace
  • Put you in control of your numbers so you have a clear plan of action to increase your profit margin, cash flow and revenue
  • Work with you to recommend and integrate the best software to automate your purchasing, stock, shopping cart and accounts software. No more manual data entry or having to go into multiple pieces of software to find the numbers to crunch.
  • Give you a fixed fee and the opportunity to spread your normal on-going costs across the whole year to help free up your cash flow.
  • Be at your side and a source of impartial advice for the big decisions such as leasing new storage or buying a new premise or selling your business
  • Help keep you safe from any HMRC VAT or tax investigations

Unsure? We’re here to help!
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from £297 per month “Peace of mind”

You have started selling, but now need to get all your systems set up correctly.  Our service includes:

  • Year end accounts  and corporation tax return
  • Confirmation statement
  • Your personal tax return
  • Payroll for one director
  • Assistance with the VAT return set up
  • Xero subscription
  • Registered address
  • Answer quick queries by email and phone
  • Year end tax planning meeting

from £497 per month – “In control”

You are getting ready to take on your own employees and storage facilities and are growing fast.  Our service is as per Peace of Mind but also includes:

  • Quarterly reviews with management information + commentary, including analysis of best sellers by profit, volume and value
  • Payroll up to 5 employees
  • Extra personal tax return
  • Cash flow forecast quarterly
  • 12-month business planning + budget
  • Tax investigation insurance

“Out-sourced FD” – price on application

You are an established ecommerce business which is growing and has storage and employees.

The services it the same as “in control” per includes

  • Monthly board meetings attendance
  • Monthly management reporting and meetings
  • Retainer for ad hoc detailed advice on business decisions